Grandmaster Jody Perry PH.D./M.A., Soke
20x Hall of Fame Inductee by 16 different Martial Arts Associations.

For those that are interested; I would like it to be known that I am a former BAWA wrestler returning to the Bay Area to pursue a position coaching/helping the next Olympic Wrestling Team at the  2020 Olympic games in Japan. After training and competing over 10 years trying to secure a spot on three different Olympic teams, I  had to settle for being on 10 USA World Teams; Just shy of the Olympics. However - can't complain about making 10 USA World Teams,However - can't complain about making 10 USA World Teams, a Silver National Medal for Greco-Roman wrestling, a Bronze National Medal for Freestyle wrestling, a Bronze National Medal for Judo and a Sambo World Champion Gold Medal.  I have studied over 20 different martial arts systems in 30 years and my main objective through each one of the systems and styles was always to be a better wrestler. In each system or style that I studied, I documented techniques that I liked and fit in my arsenal as a wrestler. Presently I have 50 years’ experience on the mat. I also have written  a book that I hope to have on the market by Christmas 2018. This book has close to 2,000 pictures showing and explaining different techniques that I documented through my journey. 

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