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Sifu Greg Yau (Master G”)





Open to students of all Martial Arts.
The secrets of Chi Power will be revealed.
Learn the secret stretches, movements, and breathing.
Feel and experience the power of the Ancient Secret Herbal 5 Element Chi Balm.
The balm will activate your chi and protect against injuries.
Heal old injuries and reduce pain.
Get the internal power of Martial Arts training.

Grand Master Greg has practiced Kung Fu and Chi Gung for over 37 years. He has 25
years experience in Acupuncture and Herbs. For the past 16 years “GMG” has used
Quantum Science to unite the practices together for internal power training.

Our demonstrations are interactive, introduces information about internal power that is
different, and fun. Come and experience what Chi Gung Internal Power feels like

Grand Master Greg Yau

Location: 1530 Michener Drive, Roseville, CA 95747-6936
Date: December 6, 2009 Sunday
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00pm
Cost: $45.00 and get a free balm
Contact: Greg Yau (650) 255-9912



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 “An Evolution in Training”


The 21st Century Quantum Matrix Training Workshop (Q.M.T.)


Hosted by:


Grandmaster J. Perry Ph.D./M.A., Soke


QMT is a system that is created from the foundation of Chi Gung, Meditation, and Exercise. The essence of each style is based on energy (Chi and Prana). The movements are based on simplicity but the knowledge is very steep.


QMT combines the activation of the acupuncture points, proper affirmations, deep breathing, focus, concentration, active meditation, and movements.


QMT activates the cranial sacral system and strengthens the connective tissue that keeps the elasticity of the entire body.


The training begins here in this workshop first. Then at your desire, exercising these simple movements can be used  restore the internal power and bring that power to the external body. This is what the masters of the martial artist have treasured for life. It is truly rejuvenation of the emotion and physical body.


At this Workshop attendees will also experience and receive a small, free sample of Master G’s NEW- Super Herbal Salves. The use of this ancient and secret Chinese art of healing salve

(Dit Ta), used for centuries by masters of the martial arts, has now been perfected by researchers at Shaolin SHSD. The application of modern science and technology to the ancient knowledge has revolutionized the process of holistically combining nature's herbs and oils to create a super ointment for faster recovery from injuries naturally.


Ingredients from three different countries (China, Australia, & France) are combined, using a unique formulation process. This has produced amazing products enabling today's professional athletes and weekend warriors to achieve their personal best, perhaps enabling the gifted few to become the world's best in their sport.



You do not want to miss this workshop!


This is a MUST experience workshop!



Space is limited so please RSVP ASAP: (Fee for Workshop will be: $45.00)


Location: 1530 Michener Dr.    Roseville, Calif. 95747      Phone: (707) 217-9720

Date: August 2, 2009

Time: 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Internal Power Workshop