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Perry's Full Circle: Mixed Martial Arts Since 1990

What a GREAT opportunity to learn from and work with two Legends, Grandmaster Richard Bustillo and Guru Dan Inosanto and the IMB Academy...I never thought I'd ever get such an awesome opportunity to meet Bruce Lee's first two students. Life is GREAT.





Another great ONCE-IN-A- LIFETIME opportunity meeting, dinning and talking with Bruce Lee's widow the beautiful and gracious Linda Lee.      (Check it out - she is looking and smiling at me.  YO!!)



Also demonstrating their art of stick fighting technqiues "Derobio Escrima"  at the IMB Instructors seminar  was Chief Master Gary Largo, Chief Master Instructor Leslie Largo and Senior Master Carlton Kramer from Hawaii. These are some very Dangerous silver-haired gentlemen. Also living legends.