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2010 Hall of Fame celebrating 20yrs
4 May 2006

Hello again everyone... It has been awhile, but we are still here:)



Next year, 2010 will be the 20 year celebration of  "Perry's Full Circle Self  Defense & Martial Arts."

The event will most likely  be in the Santa Rosa / Rohnert Park Calif. area.

ALSO- this event will be in conjunction with the "Hawaii Martial Arts International Society" Hall of Fame for 2010.

This year we will also have an exhibition  competition attached to the program.


For the tournament I was thinking Pankration, Continues Sparring Karate, and a Wing Chun Push-hands Freestyle competition. What do you think.

Please stay tuned for more informatiion....Thank you for visiting  our site...

Take Care...Stay Safe...Grandmaster Jody Perry









Hello Everybody;

For several years now, I have been trying to have a gathering to first honor all the coaches and mentors that were the stepping stones through my athletic career. Second to honor all the great talented people that have come through Perry’s Full Circle: And third to bring together the members that make up the Perry’s Full Circle Family Tree. After 16 years of existence we now have a chance to look back and reminisce on the past. You could say that this event is about the PFC lineage.

Today 05/04/06, Sifu Chris Chan, founder of the San Francisco Wing Chun and Kung Fu Academy, accepted his Induction into our Hall of Fame and confirmed his presence to the event. With continuing confirmations from other great coaches and instructors, such as Professor L.L. Cary, Sensei AL Ikemoto, Sifu Greg Yau, Sifu Bert Rodriguez, Sensei Bill Edlerts, and Sambo World Champion Steve Siroy, I am as happy as a man could be. In a word, I am overwhelmed..

I can’t wait to see you all at the event. I look foreword to shaking everyone’s hand. You will have no problem recognizing me…I will be the man with the largest smile in the place


Take Care…Stay Safe… Prof. Jody Perry

Grandmaster Jody Perry