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Submission Grappling, Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling, Wing Chun, Self-Defense, Iron-Wing Aikijiujitsu, Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Kickboxing, Extreme Moving Push-Hands

**Grass Valley - Classes are on HOLD please check back later.

**Marysville - Classes are being held on Fridays instructed by Sensei Jay Perry. Call for kids, Womens Kickboxing, and adult grappling classes (530) 559-7010

 **Santa Rosa - Classes are being held every weekday and Saturdays at Full Circle Muay Thai, 1820 'B' Empire Idustrial Ct. Santa Rosa, 95403. Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Womens kickboxing and Iron-Wing Aikijujitsu instruction and Belt System are conducted by Sensei Joe Feliciano, Kru Pornsak Luerngchaimongkol and GM Jody Perry. Call for class times at: (707) 536-5094

**Cotati - Classes are being held on Mondays and Wednesdays at Sonoma State University in Cotati. Classes are instructed by GM Perry and are restricted to SSU students only. For more information, contact GM Perry:


Sunday classes are semi-private and are by arrangement only!

For more information send e-mail to: professorperry@yahoo.com


About Iron Wing

Iron Wing, also known as AikiJiujitsu, teaches techniques drawn from a number of martial arts disciplines. From Wing Chun wrestlers learn to improve their close contact and centerline attacking and defending skills, allowing the wrestler to secure and hold his/her opponent. From Escrima wrestlers learn to move more efficiently on their feet, resulting in better, faster, and more efficient shots. From Aikido wrestlers learn to improve their throws and to evade and redirect their opponent’s energy, raising the success of their take-downs. From Jujitsu wrestlers learn masterful hand fighting, hand trapping, and grip release techniques, giving them complete confidence in controlling the opponent no matter who is holding whom.


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